Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prop Hunter 2 scans

 Wayne G, b/s flip disaster, 2012
(Supersampler + Kodak Tri-x)

Been spending a lot of time printing in the darkroom and when Prop Hunters 2 rolled round, it made sense to print the whole thing analog. This is the first time I've digitized any of the stuff I showed.

Gar K, Baggot st, 2012
(Minolta xd-7, kodak tri-x + Metz flash)

Goodnight of spot hunting with the trusty metz flash and remote trigger. The same night we found a massive down ramp into an underground carpark, it was so good I couldn't pass it without bombing it. I stuck it out but was soon accosted by some rent a cop on a sedgeway.

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